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Date: Tue Apr 04 2000 - 10:33:31 CDT

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Original message:
>I'm interested in building a popmail server for a solaris 2.6 (or
>perhaps 2.7) machine. Most of the users are either coming from PCs,
>Macs or a Solaris NIS+. It would be nice if the popserver could use
>the same passwords as the NIS+ maps. I'm looking for robustness
>(proven, no known security bugs) compatability with a lot of different
>mail clients (eudora, netscape mail, etc), ease of maintenance and
>good freeware(?) support.

Most agreed that the options include:

qpopper from qualcomm, (Get one of the later versions eg > 2.41 or <3.0b21
                         are less vulnerable)
                         Can be compiled with APOP for better security

  Easy access Server CD contains Sun Internet Mail Server (SIMS)

I've only had a chance to try variations of the first two so I haven't
made a final choice yet. Using NIS passwords is a bad idea and indeed the
popserver will be unassociated with our NIS. I've also experimented with
SMRSH (a restricted shell you associate with the pop accounts (BTW, the
two majors sites claiming to have this, and cert
pointed back to each other. I had to find the source in the Netherlands...)
Likewise, I'm considering replacing sendmail with some other MTA (I thought
Wieste Venema had re-written this but couldn't find it at his site...)

Seeing how we already have a popserver my task becomes rather more interesting
in the logistics of rolling out the new alongside the old, playing with
MX records or doing it all in one fell swoop over a weekend

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