Summary: It's not a technical Question !!

From: Mohammad Elmallah (
Date: Tue Apr 04 2000 - 09:10:14 CDT

Thanks every one for his input .. there are so many to mention .. Thanks to the
managers whom gave me a detailed answers , to the one who gave me the answer
just in the goal, and to the ones who offered to talk the job (It will be
considered ;-) ..

The case was :
We need to hire a network admin. whom will install two networks Solaris ( 30
Ultra 5) and NT (30 PCs) an integrate them by making an Enterprise 3500 as a
server for both networks .. then install 2 servers as backups to the NT Servers
.. he should be able too to install other servers on the main server machine (
web server, mail, backup, .. etc.) and the applications for the Network
workstations (Both NT and SUN) .. he will support 300+ network users on both
networks ..

The Questions were :

1- How many years of experience are we looking for?

Well, It depends on did you do it before or not and most of the answers were
toward 3 years experience in Solaris and 2 years in NT.

2- How long should it takes him to complete this job right ( for the contract

The answers varied between 1 month and 1 year .. but most answers were around 6

3- How much should we offer him?

Many answers but the the minimum was $50 and the maximum was $200 ( which is too
much) the average was around $75+ and it depends on your geographical area ..

Many thanks ..
for the experienced detailed answers:
Brown, Melissa
Greg Mushen
Ross Lonstein
Rui Wang
Thomas Lester
for the short but effective answers :
 David Evans
Brendan Choi
jeff waldron
Jarrett Carver
Erin Jones
Gary Carr
Rui Wang
Richard Bond
Paul Gardner
Sue Thielen

I really appreciate your answers .. It have been a pleasure having you helping
me ..

Please accept my best regards,


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