SUMMARY: Strange message from Ultra60

From: Jan-Olaf Droese (
Date: Tue Apr 04 2000 - 06:59:51 CDT

This is really a late (sort of) summary, but here it goes:

I did not receive any suggestions from this list. After the machine
crashed again our supplier told us to change the CPU. Hopefully the
machine will run fine now.

This was my third (out of ten) 400MHz/4MB CPU-module which failed
in the last six months :-(


Original message:

today one of our Ultra60 clones droped to the boot prompt. Entering `boot'
brought the machine up again. I don't have any messages in /var/adm/messages,
but dmesg shows the following lines:
TL=0x0 TT=0x0 TICK=0x0
        TPC=0x0 TnPC=0x0 TSTATE=0x0
TL=0x0 TT=0x0 TICK=0x6f74000000000000
        TPC=0x0 TnPC=0x0 TSTATE=0x207061206973206e
TL=0x7368 TT=0x6861 TICK=0x7074732064697361
        TPC=0x626c65640073666d TnPC=0x6d755f68626c6b5f TSTATE=0x20696e7465727275
TL=0x6e20 TT=0x696f TICK=0x755f756e6c6f6164
        TPC=0x5f7473626374783a TnPC=0x20707265656d7074 TSTATE=0x5400000073666d6d
TL=0x5f74 TT=0x6164 TICK=0x6561647920646973
        TPC=0x61626c6564000000 TnPC=0x73666d6d755f6c6f TSTATE=0x7570747320616c72
TL=0x0 TT=0x0 TICK=0x0
        TPC=0x0 TnPC=0x0 TSTATE=0x0
There are a lot more of them, all looking similar. The eeprom buffer seems
to be mixed up, since dmesg shows trunkated lines mixed with the reboot
Does anyone know which module causes these messages? I have never seen
them before on my machines. Are they related to some hardware problem,
or is this a software issue?

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