SUMMARY: capture diagnostic results into a file

From: Sun Junior (
Date: Tue Apr 04 2000 - 03:33:30 CDT

Special thanks to
Otto, Doug
Francisco de la Torre
Buddy Lumpkin

The excerpts workaround from Buddy Lumpkin is as

The way I used to do this was with a second machine
running openwindows or CDE. Here is how you do it.

On the second machine connect port A of the machine
that you want the POST output of to port B with a

Now type tip hardwire >> /filename_to_record_post

which by default should open a terminal session to
port A, but you won't be able to see anything so now
in another command/shell tool, do this:

tail -f /filename_to_record_post

now you can type in the first shell, and see all
updates in the other.

Commands for the tip session are:
~. to break the connection ~# to send stop+A to the
tip session.

--------------Original Messages-----------------------
>Dear Sun Managers,
>At the ok prompt, I set the diag-switch? to true and
>diag-level to max. How can I capture the diagnostic
>results into a file during booting up if I don't want
>to have a dumb terminal connected to tty? Thanks.
>Sun Junior


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