SUMMARY 2: CDE Drag and drop large email attachments

From: Frode Stromsvag (
Date: Tue Apr 04 2000 - 03:18:12 CDT

I guess its a reality - you get a larger audience when you have
SUMMARY in your Subject: heading.......

I got those 2 tips which I have checked out. But still I cannot Drag&Drop
attachments of size larger than 262kbytes. No solution to this one it
seems. Original question and first summary at the bottom.

Thanks to
        Larry Garrett <>
        Mark Olson <>
        Daniel Manne <>
        Jan Bjerke <>
Both Larry and Mark suggested I'd have a closer look at the patchlevel.
They were right, other workstations with higher patchlevel (Generic_105181-15)
show a different behaviour. Instead of allowing you to Drag&Drop the file and
give the errormessage in ~/.dt/errorlog it does not give you permission to
drop the file at all. The 'forbidden'-sign is shown all the time when the
icon is held above the drop zone (dtfile).

Daniel and Jan correctly pointed me to 'SunSolve CD Document - Bug Reports
Article 4239656'. Sorry for forgetting to search SunSolve.

Bug Id: 4239656
Category: cde
Subcategory: windowmgr
State: closed
Synopsis: DTWM Buffer Transfer Fails
When user drags & drops email from dtmail into a
mailbox listing in dtfile it
copies the selected message instead of moving it in
CDE 1.2. User is
complaining because it would allow you to move mail
during a drag and drop in
CDE 1.1. When the mail is copied the following
error prints out in the users .dt/errorlog:

Thu May 13 08:10:59 1999
dtwm: Error, buffer Transfer Failed, cannot drag
and drop buffers greater than 262 kilo bytes

Please advise of possible work arounds or fixes,
since I do not know of any.
                             Thank you.

                             -Matthew Rettagliata

Work around:

paul.sandoz@Ireland 1999-05-20

Set the resource 'selectionTimeout' to a larger
value than the default of 5 seconds, e.g.

     *selectionTimeout: 20
sets the timeout to 20 seconds.

Integrated in releases:
Duplicate of: 4069671

My first summary:

> Sun managers.
> I got no hints on how to get around this limit. Nothing
> in the CDE faq, a search on gave no
> answer and nothing from sun-managers :|
> My original question
> ---------------------------
> When trying to drag a large email attachment onto File Manager
> (dtfile) I get this error in ~/.dt/errorlog
> dtfile: Error, buffer Transfer Failed, cannot drag and drop buffers greater
> 262 kilo bytes
> Does anyone know how to increase this buffersize?
> uname -a
> SunOS uranus 5.6 Generic_105181-05 sun4m sparc SUNW,SPARCstation-4
> -----------------------------

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