[SUMMARY (pseudo)]: Clients cannot print under HP Jetadmin

From: David Foster (foster@dim.ucsd.edu)
Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 20:43:11 CDT

Problem: Clients cannot print to print server running HP Jetadmin (hpnpd)

  As it turns out, our SunOS systems CAN print to the print server running
  hpnpd (Jetadmin). Solaris clients add jobs to the local queue, but they
  are never seen by the print server and hence not printed. SGI clients
  complain about "access denied" to the print server. Possibly some BSD vs.
  Sys5 printing issues?
Platform: Server: Solaris 2.6, HP Jetadmin D.06.21
I haven't solved my problem, but I wanted to post this initial summary because
I received many very helpful suggestions which might serve to help others debug
problems they are having with Jetadmin.

1) If machine was never configured as print server before, then it
   won't broadcast itself as server. Either:
   a. Create a dummy local print queue using Admintool, then do (lpshut;
      /usr/lib/lpsched) to stop/restart lp print services.
   b. Do the same using the netprinter interface.

      [Tried this, didn't make a difference.]

2) Be sure print server can do IP-hostname resolution via /etc/hosts,
   NIS or NIS+.

     [They can. We use NIS, this info is available in the hosts
     map. Just to be sure, I put entries in the server's /etc/hosts
     file. Didn't help.]

3) Make sure clients can resolve server's hostname

     [They can. The print server is also our NIS master, so each
     client has an entry for the print server in /etc/hosts (as
     well as in NIS host map).]

4) Check server's /etc/inetd.conf for the line:

   printer stream tcp nowait root /usr/lib/print/in.lpd in.lpd

     [This was actually commented out, but I enabled it and did a
     'kill -HUP <inetd-pid>' and it didn't help. This entry is for
     the BSD printing system...would it effect a Sys5 implementation?]

5) Make sure lp owns /etc/lp/* , /var/lp/logs and any other
   printing directories/files, especially log files.
     [Saw lots of posts in the archives about this; often
     Jetadmin setup will create log files etc. with incorrect
     permissions which lead to problems like non-root users
     not being able to print, lpsched not processing requests, etc..
     I checked all permissions, all were ok (owned by lp, logs
6) Similar to (5), it was suggested to open up permissions on all
   printing-related directories and see if this helps.

     [Tried this, no difference.]
7) You must use lpsystem on the print server to register remote
   systems with the print service.
     [I got very excited when I saw this suggestion. Unfortunately,
     lpsystem is an obsolete command that has no effect on the
     printing system. I did try:
         lpsystem <client-host>
     on the server for good measure and it didn't help.]

8) Check out this article, which explains how to set up a
   printing system without Jetadmin, which will print asci,
   postscript *and* binary files:
     [Dave Robillard is right, this is a PITA (Pain in the...); I would
     really rather get Jetadmin to work as advertised.]
9) Try this on clients:
   lpadmin -p laser -I any -s blinky:laser
     Tried creating queues on the clients this way, instead
     of using Admintool, but same results.
10) Man pages to peruse:
     cancel(1), enable(1), lpq(1B), lpr(1B), lprm(1B), lpstat(1),
     mail(1), postprint(1), pr(1), stty(1), accept(1M),
     lpadmin(1M), lpfilter(1M), lpforms(1M), lpsched(1M),
     lpshut(1M), lpsystem(1M), lpusers(1M)
Thanks to:
Connolly, Michael
Kristopher T. Briscoe
Mohammed Alshammari
Tom Crummey
POON Kai Ming
David Robillard
Marina Daniels

> ***************************************************************************
> ******* ORIGINAL QUESTION *************************************************
> Problem: Clients cannot print under HP Jetadmin D.06.21 (Solaris 2.6)
> I installed Jetadmin software, which went very well. Created queues on
> the server. I can print fine from the server, all diagnostics from within
> Jetadmin (on the server) show OK.
> But when I try to print from a Solaris client, I get something like:
> 144 <dim:/home/foster> lpstat -t
> scheduler is running
> system default destination: laser
> system for laser: blinky
> system for color: zepton
> laser accepting requests since Mar 31 15:26 2000
> color accepting requests since Mar 31 15:26 2000
> printer laser faulted printing laser-0. enabled since Mar 31 15:27 2000. available.
> server blinky not responding
> printer color is idle. enabled since Mar 31 15:27 2000. available.
> On an SGI client, I get a message in the print queue manager about
> "access denied" to the server.
> It looks like clients are being denied access to the server (blinky in this case).
> I thought that by default queues created using Jetadmin were supposed to all
> access to everyone.
> I have installed the lp patch 106235-04, and the tcp patch 105529-08, but
> still no go. I saw a suggestion in the archives about trying to create a dummy
> local printer in 'admintool', then removing it, and THEN creating the queues
> in Jetadmin; this is supposed to "activate" the TCP port listener which may
> not have been enabled. I tried this but still the clients can't print.
> I see that the file /etc/hosts.lpd is used to grant client access under
> BSD printing...anything analogous for Sys5?
> My users are about to lynch me...any suggestions greatly appreciated!
> Dave Foster
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   David Foster National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research
    Programmer/Analyst University of California, San Diego
    dfoster@ucsd.edu Department of Neuroscience
    (858) 534-7968 http://www-ncmir.ucsd.edu/
          [All opinions expressed are mine -- duh]

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