SUMMARY RE: Multiple IPs on one interface!!!

From: Jangalwa, Raj (
Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 13:00:06 CDT

Thanx to
Shaw, Marco []
Dan Lowe []
German, Vinnie []
Connolly, Michael []

Its pretty easy "once you know it". Its done in the same way as any other
interface is done.
ifconfig hme0 netmask up

ifconfig hme0:1 netmask up
ifconfig hme0:2 netmask up
ifconfig hme0:3 netmask up
ifconfig hme0:4 netmask up
ifconfig hme0:5 netmask up

and so on...

Thanx again for all those who replied. Its good to be a part of such a
mailing list.

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> Subject: Multiple IPs on one interface!!!
> Hi All,
> I am planning to setup a web-server which will respond to multiple
> hostnames having unique IP address.
> How can i setup my only one "hme" interface to respond to multiple
> hostnames/ipaddress in the same subnet. I know how to setup for one ip
> address, but to make the same interface respond to multiple ip
> addresses???
> for hme0:......inet0....
> hme0:1: .......inet1...
> hme0:2: .......inet2...
> hme0:3: ......inet3...
> TIA and will summarize
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Raj Jangalwa

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