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From: Leslie Chng (
Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 05:24:40 CDT


>We have web-servers running Sol.2.6 5/98.
>Is there any tools in Sun Unix environment that can monitor internet
>users connected to our web-server. Something like allow us to see,
>who is connected to our web-server with their IP address listed,
>what services are they using and also enable us to terminate > the users
>connection any time we want.
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From: "Brendan Choi" <>

Try netstat -n and look for connections to port 80.
I assume you have a firewall or some IP filtering tool between the web
servers and the internet? You can use that to block connections from
specific IP's.

From: "Rodney Wines" <

There is nobody connected to your web server. Furthermore,there never
will be. HTTP is a "stateless" protocol. If your home page has 10 images on
it,then anyone who downloads your home page will make 11 separate and UNIQUE
accesses,and there is no way,in the protocol,to determine any relationship
between those 11 accesses.

You didn't mention which web server you're running,but most of them will
maintain an access log and an error log. The access log will have the IP
address from which it got the request,but that may or may not mean anything.

If someone accesses your site via a proxy server,then you'll see the IP
address of the proxy server itself and not the address of the user. In
fact,if the proxy server had already cached your page,you'll see nothing at
all. Also,if the user has something like SunScreen,you won't see their real
address even if they're not using a proxy server.
As for terminating a user's connection,the user's "connection" terminates as
soon as the requested item finishes downloading. In the "one home page
with 10 graphics" example above,that's 11 separate connections,and none of
them will last long enough for you to terminate it.
If you want to see what's going on,just do a "telnet yourserver 80".
You'll get connected to your server,and you can type "GET /",and you'll get
a bunch of headers and your home page. The connection will immediately
drop,and if you wanted anything else,you'd have to connect all over again.

If you want to terminate a user's access, you must learn about access
control for your server.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- From:
Andy De Petter <>

The best way to do what you want,is to use an access_log analyzer. All
data that you want should be in the access log of your webserver. A log
analyzer should be able to process those logfiles,and generate
statistics out of it(like how much percentage is using windows, etc..).
An example might be Analog, which you can find on

---------------------------------------------------------------------- From:
Michael Cheng <>

You can check out and products.
These commercial products are confirmed to run on Solaris 2.6.

For open source product that is best running on Solaris for
monitoring and performance optimization is Sun Microsystem's
SE tools written by Adrian Cockcroft.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- From:
Riccardo Veraldi <

Just install and use apache as web server and loo kin the log file apache
logs everything,or just install an ip filter on port 80
there are many possible ways to use a logger.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- From:
Ana Yuseepi <

I wonder if webmin can do that task.. so far, its a great tool.

From: "Z.K. Zachariah" <>

Get ntop1.1 from

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