Summary: Question for SunPCi co-processor users

From: Connolly, Michael (
Date: Fri Mar 31 2000 - 09:12:52 CST


First let me say that I am aware that you can run SunPCi and display in X as
a number of you pointed out. Unfortunately I have heard/read that the
graphics are not the best. As my users will be working with Photoshop and
Illustrator they need to have the best graphics (WYSIWG) that I can get them
as these folks are technical publicists and need true color accuracy.

In summary, the answer is yes - many of you are doing just what I had hoped
for. What is also interesting is that a number of you said that I would not
lose cut/paste between X and VGA (interesting!!). My only concern now is
having to use Meta-M to switch the mouse - that was a pain in the butt for
some users back when I was running SunPC 586 133Mhz on Sparc 5 but I guess
we'll have to deal with it.

Thanks to:

Chris Graves
Jeff Kennedy
David L. Markowitz (...great with 95; problems with NT; hasn't tried 98..)
Dan Griffiths (Hi Dan, Adobe USED to be Unix friendly - maybe now that MacOS
is a Unix variant they will re-consider Solaris)
Mathew Stier
Richard Skelton
Michael Salehi
Frank Velazquez
Vanessa Little

Michael J. Connolly
CAD/CAE/PDM Systems Administrator
C&K Components, Inc.

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