SUMMARY: 105492-01 patch

From: ltchin (
Date: Thu Mar 30 2000 - 20:32:10 CST

Original question ,

      Do anyone out there have patch 105492-01, which can repair the bug

on cgsix driver running on Solaris 2.6? Thank you.

 Many thanks to Ronald Luftin who sent the patch and also to David
Foster and Jeff Cole who suggested relevant ftp sites which would be
useful for future patches search.

  SUN PATCHES (SunSolve Public Patches) (SunSolve Security Patches) (Good site!) (Good search engine, all patches) (official german site) (2.3 -> 2.6,
verified works!)

Try the ftp.cs.tu-berlin site, it seems to have everything, even patches
are supposed to require being Sunified. Sometimes doesn't have the
latest patches,
but it should have one for 2.6

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