[SUMMARY] Re: FAQ Question (fwd)

From: Ramesh Systems Support (ukrira01@thiru.vetri.com)
Date: Wed Mar 29 2000 - 06:13:51 CST

Thanks to the following pple for their quick response.
David Robillard, Sullivan Rich, David Foster, Lonnie Ratliff,
Rasana Atreya, and Esther Muller.

I got better url from David Foster

Thanks again.

Ramesh V

Summary Starts Here :

David Foster says :


        Solaris Tuning: http://www.ebsinc.com/solaris/tcp_faq.html


    SE Tool : Performance Tuning: Adrian Cockroft

    SYSSUMM System Summary Generator (in HTML to central server)

    TOP (system utilization)

    NTOP Program (Network Monitoring)

    ORCA (Performance Monitor)

    Symon (Performance Monitor)

    SARGE (Performance Monitor)

    BigBrother (Performance Monitor)

   David Foster National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research
    Programmer/Analyst University of California, San Diego
    dfoster@ucsd.edu Department of Neuroscience
    (858) 534-7968 http://www-ncmir.ucsd.edu/
          [All opinions expressed are mine -- duh]


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