SUMMARY: CDE, Solaris 2.7 and tcsh problem

From: Linda Vinke Hardie (
Date: Tue Mar 28 2000 - 16:22:01 CST

Unfortunately I haven't been able to resolve this problem yet. I did get
two suggestions (thanks!):

David Foster suggested I disable tooltalk. I didn't try this one because
I think we're running applications that need tooltalk.

Joe Garbarino suggested that I remove the patch 107893-05 if it is
installed. It was, and I did remove that patch and also version 02.
Rebooted the machines but no luck. Students are still having troubles
logging out of CDE (same error messages).

I was also just informed that a student remembers having the problem
before when we were running 2.6.

                Still searching for answers,

                Linda Hardie

Hi Everyone,

I'm experiencing a very strange problem with CDE. I recently upgraded my
workstations to Solaris 2.7 (they were Solaris 2.6) and now the following
problem has developed:

The users on my system that are using the CDE window manager cannot log
out of the console when they are finished. When they click on the "EXIT"
it acts as though the CDE session is exiting but then it comes back
and the user is still logged in (the machine does not lock up, just
won't exit CDE). If the user clicks on "EXIT" again the following error
is displayed in a window:

        Action ExitSession[Error]


        There is no running program to handle this message, nor is there a
        static ptype to start such a program. Check whether the a...

The window does not display the rest of the message, it gets chopped off.
Here is a corresponding message that is generated and logged in

        /usr/dt/bin/ttsession[17977]: child (18182) exited due to signal 1

I've noticed that this behavior is only happening to users with tcsh as
their shell. Users using bash, ksh are not having any difficulty. Also
this doesn't happen every time a tcsh user uses CDE.

In noticing that this was only affecting tcsh users I upgraded tcsh hoping
that would correct the problem. No such luck. Also I've searched
everywhere I can think of but so far I've found no information on this

Any information would be much appreciated!

                        Thank you for your time,

                        Linda Vinke Hardie

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