SUMMARY : Re: no. of open files of a running process...

From: Padmanabhan Ramadurai (
Date: Tue Mar 28 2000 - 16:00:18 CST

Thanks to: suggested /usr/proc/bin/pfiles...
parker@bctm. /usr/proc/bin/pfiles... /usr/proc/bin/pfiles... /usr/proc/bin/pfiles /usr/proc/bin/pfiles lsof
cmurty@Legato.COM lsof proctool proctool

Thanks for all your time, lsof -p pid gave it in the format i wanted.


> I've a large/complex daemon, it some times ends up hitting
> rlim_fd_cur limit. Is there a way to monior the no. of
> "currently open files/used descriptors" of a running process
> provided you know its process id. /etc/crash {file} gives for
> the entire system but not for a process id. (this is solaris 2.6)
> thanks for your time,
> P.Ramadurai

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