Date: Tue Mar 28 2000 - 15:59:53 CST

hey folks...sorry I didn;t post too much info...anyway is a quick summary...
problem: no mail going to the exchange servers
BUT mail going to the internet...
mind you this worked last night 3 people have root...i just changed root....anyway.......


---------------------------> email was going out!
<-----------------------relay could not find exchange

MS exchange[nyc\
MS exchange[chicago]-----relay [ unix ] --- internet
MS exchange[lon]/

I had to explicitly define an mx record in my local dns server and also set up a mailer table with my sendmail setup..although this worked last night...with the mx record being on our external dns i said
3 people had only me!

thanks for your help...although I should have given more info...I was in a panic when I found at no one in the world could get email....

PS thanks to for their help,really good support although it was funny because when I was working with them i wanted to send them a test message but their email was DOWN!

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