SUMMARY: NDS for Solaris

From: Jeff Kennedy (
Date: Tue Mar 28 2000 - 13:40:22 CST

I was trying to mix things together that don't mix. NDS is really only
for single sign-on when it comes to UNIX. So that's what we'll use it
for. That way all our users can have one password for logins and mail,
and there are rumours that SAP will be supported sometime soon. The
version I have is an older one that doesn't support .rhosts or
hosts.equiv files but I do have the new NDS 8 that hopefully fixes that
problem. If not I have some workarounds that can be put in place.

We decided to go with cfengine for most of the file replication that NIS
handles right now. All the automount maps, password and group files,
hosts, etc....

It's believed that the NetApps boxes will work fine with a local passwd
file and a locked shadow file since nfs only matches the uid and doesn't
actually authenticate. So we will test that as well.

I am still fuzzy on PAM but not as much as I was, I guess I just need to
keep working with it until the lightbulb turns on.

Thanks go to Jean Seeman and Ken Robson (?), the only 2 replies I


Jeff Kennedy wrote:
> What I have now:
> NIS authentication for logins (including rsh and rlogin), automounter,
> and netapps nfs mounts on Unix machines. Novell authentication for
> everything else.
> What I want:
> Use NDS for Solaris for all of the above if possible.
> I am having a problem understanding pam (and that's after visiting
> I have an example file from Novell with NDS in place but
> don't completely grasp what's going on. I have the single login against
> Novell working but the automounter isn't working yet, I still need nis
> in nsswitch.conf to mount my filesystems. Can I authenticate to Novell
> for these things? Without having Novell actually mount these
> filesystems and then export them? Novells doc's on this subject are
> sparse.
> The grand design would be to have all things authenticate against NDS;
> network drives, automounter, netapps mounts, etc... Anybody done this,
> seen this, heard about this?
> Thanks.
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