SUMMARY: Pulling last login data from NIS+ database

From: Todd Echterling (
Date: Tue Mar 28 2000 - 10:16:09 CST

Thanks to Andy Paton and Ian McPhedran. Here are their responses.

Andy Paton
NIS+ does not hold this information.
The data your looking for is held in /var/adm/wtmp /var/adm/utmp
look at commands like "who" and "last" and use scripts to filter
information. Alternatively the format of wtmp and utmp are
documented, so write a perl/c program to do the job.

Ian McPhedran
As far as I am aware this isn't stored in the NIS+ tables anywhere.
I'd suggest doing what finger does and read the /var/adm/lastlog
file. The data format is described in /usr/include/lastlog.h. I'm
afraid you'd need to run the program on each of the workstations,
then find the latest time for each user. However, you could use
this program to populate/update a new NIS+ table containing last
login time for all users ...

Original Message
I am running a computer lab of Solaris 2.7 machines that talk with
a Solaris 2.7 NIS+ server. I would like to generate a list of dates
a list of users last logged in. Since when you finger a certain
machine it tells you just when they last logged into THAT machine,
this doesn't do much for me. I need to know about network wide. Can
this data be pulled from the NIS+ database? If so how? If you can't
what is the best way to gather this info? Thanks in advance.

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