[Summary] Ghost for Solaris?

From: Blake Roberts (BlakeR@DataChannel.com)
Date: Mon Mar 27 2000 - 18:17:40 CST

Thanks for the replies (too many to list)...

It was about a 50/50 vote between ufsdump/dd and JumpStart. I'll probably
be implementing the JumpStart solution first until I get everything I need
to pull off a ufsdump/dd implementation. Since things were bought more for
development purposes, I don't have all of the hardware I need to do the

Thanks for the help!!!
--Blake Roberts

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> From: Blake Roberts
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> Subject: Ghost for Solaris?
> Folks,
> One of my developers has asked about if there is a ghosting software for
> Solaris. They contacted Norton who writes Ghost for Windows 9x/NT, but
> they do not create any for Solaris, and have no plans to do it in the
> future. I do not know of any personally, but I'm not an expert on that
> side of the OS.
> Any help on this would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Blake Roberts
> blaker@datachannel.com

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