Summary: Help for RSM 2000 array

From: Cheng, Jim (
Date: Mon Mar 27 2000 - 15:32:09 CST

Sun manager,

I got one reply after I fixed problem.
After I ran boot -- -r. We could see the LUN now.
But the c# and t# is changed. I believe old device
file has problem.

Thanks Arthur Darren Dunham's reply. Here is his thought.
Maybe one of the device files got nuked. You might actually remove the
/dev and /device files for that disk and do a boot -r to restore them.

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> > Hi Sun managers, > > We have a RSM 2000 array box with Solaris 2.6 on 4500 machine. > One of SA changed system file and reboot the machine. After > reboot, we could not see the logical drive from format program. > But I do can see correct LUN in raid manager 6.1. All raid daemon > start and running. I even replace with old system file and boot -r, > still not see the LUN. I don't see any message from raid manager. > Except I saw message during boot: > "Checking ufs filesystems" > "DKIOCINFO:Inapprepriate ioctl for device"

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