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Date: Sun Mar 26 2000 - 17:35:55 CST

Hello all,

thanks for all the responses.... from:
  David Foster
  Erin Jones
  Paul Kowalenko
  Sam Mabjish
  Riccardo Veraldi
  V Thiyagarajan

Original Question:

> hello everyone,
> where can i set the TIMEOUT value for telnet and ftp sessions such that
> after 1 min. of inactivity, it will automatically disconnect the user? and
> also something like never disconnect a user on telnet session eventhough
> session is inactive for quite a long time.
> i have tried to do some man on these but seems not to find the answer.. a
> friend have suggested to add '-n' option to in.telnetd but the definition
> it in the man page seems different..
> -Ana
  So far, no one have given me a very PERFECT answer.. i guess, there should
have been a variable to be set in /etc/default/login... but seems, there is

(1)Jab said, set the "TMOUT" variable in "ksh" shell <-- this worked fine

(2)David Foster said, <-- tho i have not yet tried this one,

For users using tcsh you can set 'autologout' environment variable for
 telnet sessions; don't think it would effect ftp sessions.

 To have this much control over ftp sessions you might need to go to
 WU-FTP (more secure anyhow):

 WU-FTP : Setup secure anonymous ftp, more control over user-ftp
 Main Site: (mirror)
 Resource Site: (anon ftp scripts)

 Dave Foster

(3) Erin Jones and Paul Kowalenko said

  for ftp, add a flag like -t259200 to the end of the ftp line in

(4) Thiyagu suggested:

There is utility called Ideld, this will run in backround mode as daemon
and it has configuration file. It can be download from net.

that's all,
-Ana: )

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