SUMMARY: Bad directory

From: Wanda Sunmanager (
Date: Sun Mar 26 2000 - 11:02:39 CST

Thanks to:

Andy Paton
Frank Smith
Michael Sullivan
Danny Cox
William Kuderka
Seth Rothenberg
Scott Kulp
David Ledger

Your comments, suggestions and knowledge is greatly appreciated.

My original question had to do with a bad directory under /net that I could
not get rid of.

Just about everyone pointed to the automounter and NFS as why this directory
was there, which was probably how the directory got there. Unfortunately, I
was not running automounter, NIS or doing NFS mounts so the history of what
caused this was gone. I don't know what system this directory was mounted
from so I could not remount.

I got a chance this weekend to reboot and the directory entry disappeared.

Thanks again to all.

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