SUMMARY: SUN ULTRA CPU's - When are the ULTRA III's Coming

From: Caparrosso, Nelson T. (
Date: Fri Mar 24 2000 - 08:37:24 CST

I did'nt know this inquiry will merit many responses for which I am
In summary:

- Lots of varied feedback ranging from pure speculation about the delay to
  links to various sites with articles.
- It is acknowledged that indeed the US III chip is *LATE* in coming..
- This should be no cause for alarm but undoubtedly will concern some
- There is no definite date except that the US-III will be available in 2Q
- No definite pronouncements either that the new chips will support existing
  mid-range to enterprise implementations.
- Seems like the WAIT will continue....
- CPU Mhz rating is not always indicative of total system performance.

To believers, it will still be a SUNNY future after all...


Many thanks to:

Matthew Fansher
Martin Oksnevad
Jim Craven
Duane Gran
Brendan Choi
G. Carr

>Forgive this seemigly off-topic question.
>SUN announced the Ultra Sparc III last October 1997 but until now, they
>yet to announce mid-range to enterprise class servers based on faster
>CPU's.... Sun's web site still shows the US II 400mhz chips as the
>CPU's available. By now, based on SUN;s roadmap, we should already be
>having 600+ mhz US III chips but nada... While the PC world already has 1
>Ghz chips SUN seems to have been left behind.... SO when will SUN be coming
>out with faster chips?
>The reason I posted this inquiry is we are actually at a cross roads
>to upgrade our E 4000's and 6000's (168-250 mhz CPU's) now or wait for the
>newer SUN cpu's or start considering other platforms...

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