[SUMMARY] User's used disk space command

From: Rick von Richter (rickv@mwh.com)
Date: Thu Mar 23 2000 - 15:38:07 CST

Original Question:

I have been all thru my mail and man pages and I can't find the command
that shows how much disk space a user is consuming. This is NOT quota or a
small script but a simple OS command. I just can't remember it. Can anyone
help me out?


Thank you for all of the responses. Problem solved in 30 minutes! What a
cool list!

The answer is: quot(1M)

Congrats to the following people who got it right;

Michael Stapleton <michaels@learnix.com>
Mike van der Velden;<mvanderv@redback.com>
Lynne Seamans <Lynne.Seamans@millersville.edu>

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