SUMMARY: printing from Solaris 7 to Tektronix 560

From: Petersen, Dwight (
Date: Thu Mar 23 2000 - 13:58:11 CST

Well, thanks to Chuck Smoko, who descended from Olympus, bringing lots of
nice tools, such as tcpcon, tcpserv, rlpr.
He tested multiple possibilities and found that we could pass data to port
9100 on the printer. Eventually, we began to suspect the several postscript
files I had been using. These had been supplied with the printer, under
These files contain the postscript command "copies 20 def copies setcopies".


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Subject: printing from Solaris 7 to Tektronix 560

Well, this is becoming critical.

Postscript printjobs print continuously. The problem is common and
reasonably well documented. Up through Solaris 2.5.1 Tektronix had a
solution for the problem. With solaris 2.6 Sun redesigned its printing
systems. I have support jobs open with both Sun and Tektronix (which has
been acquired by Xerox, I guess--at least Xerox has got the web site torn

I have searched the archives, and my buddy searched the archives on, where he found yet another solution to a similar problem
that did not work for me.

According to Tektronix the problem is:
"On workstations running Solaris. Solaris' lpnet expect a file received
acknowledge within 30 seconds when printing to the printer's internal TCP/IP
connection. The Adobe standard is to hold the connection open and not send
the receive acknowledge back to the workstation until the print job is
complete. The lpscheduler thinks it lost the connection and send the file

I have tried a bunch of things, in no particular order they include.

lpadmin -p queuename -o protocol=tcp
lpadmin -p queuename -o protocol=bsd
lpadmin -p queuename -o dest=printerhostname:9100
lpadmin -p queuename -o dest=printerhostname:PS
lpadmin -p queuename -o timeout=120
lpadmin -p queuename -i /usr/lib/lp/model/netstandard
lpadmin -p queuename -i /usr/lib/lp/model/phaser560
lpadmin -p queuename -i /usr/lib/lp/model/tektcp.sun5
lpadmin -p queuename -U hostname (I don't think I ever got the Systems entry
right though)
lpadmin -p queuename -l
lpadmin -p queuename -h
(Two purported solutions were provided by Tektronix, one in a script, that I
haven't exactly deciphered.)

Anyone got a clue?

Thanks, of course, I will summarize.

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