[SUMMARY] Can Solaris DHCP client send hostname TO the server?

From: Mark Olson (mark_olson@adc.com)
Date: Wed Mar 22 2000 - 12:21:38 CST

I only got one response so far, but it would seem to be sufficient.

My thanks to Dave Miner of Sun, who works on DHCP development for
Solaris, for clarifying the situation:

> Unfortunately, there's no way to get our DHCP client to do what you want
> in any of Solaris 2.6 through Solaris 8. We're working on some
> potential solutions as we know this is an issue for a number of
> customers, but I can't offer you anything more right now.
> Dave


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My original question follows: Mark Olson wrote: > > A Solaris 2.6 DHCP client, under the default DHCP configuration, does > not send a hostname TO the DHCP server (NT). Our corporate standard is > for the DHCP client (typically a Windows PC) to supply the hostname to > the server rather than be told what its hostname is. The DHCP server > then passes on the hostname as supplied by the DHCP client to a dynamic > DNS server. Usually our Solaris Sparcstations have static IPs, but I > have a need to move one around, and DHCP would be very convenient. > > I have consulted the sun-managers archives, Deja News, the Solaris 2.6 > Answerbooks and have come up with very little on this particular > problem. One tantalizing bit of information is that there is a file > called /etc/dhcp/dhcpagent.policy that can be created, presumably this > affects the dhcpagent daemon, and might make it do what I want. I have > unfortunately been unable to find out anything about how to populate > that file. > > I do have DHCP working fine, except that the server does not return > anything in response to an /sbin/dhcpinfo Hostname request > (dhcpinfo Subnet call is included to show that SOMETHING works): > > 10 ud340488:/home/olsonm=> dhcpinfo Subnet > > 11 ud340488:/home/olsonm=> dhcpinfo Hostname > 12 ud340488:/home/olsonm=> > > So, since nothing is returned in response to dhcpinfo Hostname, > the startup scripts set the Solaris machine's hostname to 'unknown'. > > Our corporate DHCP guru tells me that our DHCP servers are specifically > configured not to respond to requests for hostnames, even though a > snoop of DHCP messages (see logs of Solaris and Win95 DHCP messages > below) reveals that PC clients do not ask for a hostname, so they would > probably not care whether the DHCP server provided hostnames or not. > > If anyone has any information to share on the /etc/dhcp/dhcpagent.policy > file, or anything else relevant to this problem, please do! > > TIA, > Mark > -- > Mark C Olson > ADC Telecommunications |telephone: +1 612 936 8008 > PO Box 1101, MS 125 | FAX: +1 612 936 8333 > Minneapolis MN 55440-1101 | email: mark_olson@adc.com

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