SUMMARY: Video IN on Sunray1

From: Burak Baysal (
Date: Tue Mar 21 2000 - 16:32:51 CST

This was my question:

We just got a Sunray1 to evaluate so that we can decide if we want
to populate one of our labs with them. so far it seems to be just
what we need, but we are curious about the video in jack on it.
We've been looking around a little, but have not seen any mention
of the video in capabilities and applications of the Sunray 1.

How are we supposed to use this video input?
Can we use this like the SunVideo Card for the w/s?
Are we supposed to have special software like ShowMe TV?

Sorry for the delayed summary but haven't received too many answers.
Thanks to Zmira Bernstein for timely response
and then our sun sales rep set us straight, here is the quote:

Q. How can I use the video input jacks (RCA jacks) in the back of the
     Sun Ray 1 enterprise appliance?

A. Right now the RCA jacks can be used to locally display composite
     video on the Sun Ray 1 enterprise appliance. Composite video can come
     from a variety of sources (examples: VCR, SunCamera(TM) II, and
     standard TV tuner) and be displayed using a sample application
     (known as "vit"). This application, however, is a demonstration
     application only and is not supported by Sun Enterprise Services.

     Please note that video coming through the RCA jacks is displayed
     locally and is not transmitted back to the server.

So we wait...

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