SUMMARY: df -k question

From: Rashad Al-Yawir (
Date: Tue Mar 21 2000 - 10:44:29 CST

Thanks to
Terry Franklin <>
Jerry Springer <>
Shaw, Marco <>
Val Popa <>
Marco Greene <>
German, Vinnie <>
Litwin, Gary <>
Chad Rytting <>
Salehi, Michael E <>

for their responses. Most of You suggested that this can be caused because of
the standard 10% that is reserved by file system. I was aware of this. I will
try to free more space to see if the results will be different, then try to
tune it using tunefs.


Original message bellow:
Hi managers,
        I have a system that is complaining about disk full in the / partition.
There are about 100MB free, but df -k show 0% of available space. I ran fsck
with no luck. Any one know why this happen.

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