SUMMARY: Kill Print Jobs

Date: Tue Mar 21 2000 - 10:41:59 CST

Thanks to all who replied. It turns out that

#/usr/ucb/lpc clean printer_name

does the trick. What is funny though is that the jobs still sit in the queue
with the status "canceled" and then slowly disappear at roughly the same
rate as my original command (below). I am not entirely sure if the printer
is usable at this time or not, I will have to test more. Thanks for your


Original Message:

Does someone know of a way to kill all jobs on a particular printer? It is
not uncommon for my users to end up with several thousand jobs that need to
be deleted on a certain printer. I can't delete by user, I have to delete by
printer. I have been using this command but it is very slow:

lpstat -o PrinterName|cut -c 1-15|xargs -i cancel {}

I am wary of trying to delete the jobs by removing files in subdirectories
of /var/spool/ because there seem to be multiple references to each job in
several different locations and I do not want to leave lpsched in an
inconsistent state. BTW, the system is an E3000 running 2.6 with latest
patch cluster. Thanks in advance,

Chris Lindseth
System Administrator
Perry Ellis International

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