SUMMARY: APC UPS and E450 setup

Date: Sun Mar 19 2000 - 14:42:13 CST

Thanks to:
J.J. Bailey
Moti Levy

The APC technical support was not correct. Sorry to say that but they do have
wonderful technical support.

I did use the APC cable and yet it can work with cable splitter to make E450 to
work with APC UPS software.

I was using the recommended method to set the tty port as modem dial-in only
configuration and this failed the installation of APC UPS software.

After gathing the suggestion from Vladimir, I configured the tty port again as
hardwire and it works.

Vladimir has a very good web site for info about UPS setup:
We have an E450 (?or an equivalent) working with Powerchute and APC
Smart-UPS 1400 on ttyb (ttya has a modem attached, and we use a port
splitter). Check out
 -- this has my admin notes on serial port configuration.

See if you could put an entry in /etc/remote and use tip to connect
to the UPS.


Thanks again for all the help.


Here is the original question
------------------------------------------ on 03/17/2000 03:48:19 PM

cc: (bcc: Zion Huang/Brntwood/Focus/Concentra)
Subject: APC UPS and E450 setup

To All Helpers:

I have an Ultra E450 with splitter cable to extend the serial port into A and B.
I then try to install the APC UPS software to it. But the installation failed
to talk to the /dev/ttyb port.

I have tried to use admintool to configure the /dev/ttyb port as modem dial-in
oly configuration, but it still failed.

I then called APC to find out if there is a way to make the APC software to work
with E450 splitter cable for serial port, but they said there is no way to make
it work.

I just wonder whether anyone in the list has any experience with it and is there
any work-around solution. For instance, will port A work? I am using the port
A for the terminal console and it works well.



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