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Date: Fri Mar 17 2000 - 12:48:13 CST

Everyone who was kind enough to respond had the same opinion. Non Sun
disks should (and do) work fine with Sun equipment. A few managers did
point out that I should make sure that the power, scsi interface, and
heat requirements were met. But other than that, they all had positive
experiences using non Sun drives.

I would like to thank the following people for responding:

Martin Oksnevad <>
"Robert Hayne" <>
Tom Jones <>
Barry Gamblin <>
"Erin Jones" <>
Padraig Houlahan <>
David Evans <>
Jaewan Kim <>

Original Question:

> I was hoping to get some input concerning the use of non Sun scsi
> disks. I have a number of Sun unipacks with 2GB or 4Gb drives in them.
> I would like to replace them with larger drives. I have found that I
> can buy 18GB Seagate drives for the unipack from vendors such as NECX
> for under $400. The same drive from Sun is about $1500. Does anyone
> have any experience using non Sun drives. I have heard that Sun puts
> their own firmware on their disks, but I don't know the implications.


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