SUMMARY: adding 4GB drives to a SSA112

Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 08:53:28 CST

I had the following question:

We want to add 4 GB 7200rpm disks (540-2937) to a SSA112 storage array.
Does anyone have experience in doing this ?
Is there any difference in the mounting brackets of the drives?
If I look in the FE handbook they mention different partnumbers for the
SSA112 and SSA114.

Thanks to Imre Kolos, Scott Kulp, Marco Greene, Dave Harrington and David
Jones from whom
I got the following responses:

- It can be done but these drives draw more current than the older ones.
This will also generate more heat.
It can be done as long as you don't install too much drives.
- There is a difference between the mounting brackets. It can be difficult
to slide them in.
- The SSAs are not hot pluggable. Remeber to shut down the drive-trays
before installing the new drives.

In the end I just installed 6 new drives of this type and they fitted
without too much problems
and they are working at this moment.


Flip Zwart

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