SUMMARY: format, open commands

From: Ana Yuseepi (
Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 22:46:32 CST

hello all, my orig. question is:


this might be a little out of topic, but i still hope that someone here can
give me a nice answer.

what is the supposed reaction for the command
fd=open(path,O_RDONLY); when the returned status is "busy"?

because, i encountered this and it freezes right there until another status
other than busy is returned... and also, with multi-tasking operating system,
isn't it supposed to still execute other operations?

i made a C program that when executed, it stopped at the "open" part and i
can't do any other actions until it returns.. even tho, run another window.

i test this also with the format command which actually uses
open(path, O_RDONLY); and of course, it also hungs.. but is this considered a
bug in Solaris operating system? the way it handles the open command with
O_RDONLY permission?

hoping to hear valuable answers from the gurus...

and my summary is that i didn't receive any response from the list..
apparently, not so many is involved in such issues... : )
thanks anyway.
-Ana : )

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