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From: Ivan de Aquino Viana Junior (
Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 09:34:39 CST


First I'd like to thank:

Kees Couprie
Casper Dik
Stephen Lee

Incorrect day order in Portuguese and Brazilian locales

Solution I:
Installing Patch-ID# 107941-01 solves the problem

Solution II:
"Kees Couprie" came up with this solution:

You probably have LC_ALL or LC_TIME defines as pt_BR. There seams to be
a bug in in the file /usr/lib/locale/pt_BR/LC_TIME/time.
In /usr/lib/locale/${LC_TIME}/LC_TIME/time you can find translations for
all date and time related words. The order in which the names for the
dates are defined in this file, is "Sunday", "Monday" all the way up to

For some reason, Sun messed up the Brazilian version of the time file,
but fortunately you can fix it yourself.

Edit the file /usr/lib/locale/pt_BR/LC_TIME/time and move the line "sáb"
behind the line "sex". Also move the line "sábado" behind the line
"Sexta-feira". Your date command should be fixed now.

I tried this on one of our own Solaris 2.6 systems. Before I fixed the
time file, it said:

 segunda-feira 14 março 2000, 08:14:46 EST

but after the fix the result is:

 terçai-feira 14 março 2000, 08:19:41 EST

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