SUMMARY: teaming gigabit NICs

From: Romanowski, Dave (
Date: Tue Mar 14 2000 - 21:35:26 CST

Hello again.
This is only a partial summary because I haven't completely implemented it,
however, it seems SUN's trunking software will be the answer. This is
ironically supported by SUN. I guess this fact had to be pointed out to SUN
before they would assist.

The corresponding links are:

Thanks to the following people for sharing their information. I appreciate

Jason Lee
Chad Rytting
Rick Reineman
Seth Rothenberg
Ulan Mamytov

(I apoologize if I missed anyone ...)



Hello all.
I am running Solaris 7 on a Sun220r with the latest patch kit installed
(dated Feb 25 2000). I have two Sun GigabitEthernet/p2.0 NICs in this
server. I need to team these NICs to the same interface so if the first NIC
fails the second NIC takes over for the same interface and the machine
remains networked. Sun does not support this but says it can be done. Does
anyone know where I can find the necessary driver or have any related

Thanks in advance.



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