SUMMARY: question about 4500s

From: Robert Alexander (
Date: Mon Mar 13 2000 - 07:37:22 CST

Hello! Thanks to everyone who responded. There were many other good ideas
presented as to what my problem might be, but a number of people responded
with the "correct" answer.

As it turns out, 4500s are shipping with 8MB cache on the CPUs these days.
The system cannot handle that amount of cache, even when booting from the
September 1999 Operating Environment CD... The system boots that kernel just
fine (as it is a Solaris 7 kernel) and it boots plain old Solaris 7 as
well.... but once that loads the 2.6 media from 5/98, it will not boot. A
check of the release notes does indicate that a patch is required, but
nowhere could we find a mention of how to accomplish the patch load on a
system that won't boot. It turns out, that we were planning to load the
patch cluster containing the patch needed anyway, we just were stumped on
how to get the system up and running in the first place. The answer is an
OBP command: limit-ecache-size. Thanks to John Malick who caught it first.
That saved me what was shaping up to be a long night... Once you issue that
command, the 2.6 media would load off of our freshly installed disk and we
were able to install the patch cluster and run just fine!!

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. You guys are a life saver!

Robert Alexander
Sr. Unix Administrator
Enterprise Services
Premier Systems Integrators

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