SUMMARY: Lightweight secure remote tape backups

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Date: Mon Mar 13 2000 - 05:32:12 CST


Many thanks to the people who replied:
Dave McFerren <>
Delaney, Ray (FUSA) <>
Viet_Q_Hoang <>
Michael Cunningham <>
David Foster <>
Seth Rothenberg <>
john benjamins <johnb@Soliton.COM>

I got answers generally regarding both Amanda and SSH. Another siuation
regarding secure remote file copies has also now occurred, for which I was
thinking of rsync, but instead I'll be looking at a more general solution to
both problems using ssh. I have already taken a quick look at this and it
does seem reasonably simple to setup.

For the remote backups I envisage setting ssh up so that only root can do
this and it will only execute a remote backup (through the 'command=' bit I

Thanks should go to Dave Foster for the backup scripts he sent me as well.


Original question:
> Well the title says what I am looking for really, but I'll explain
> further. Our main Solaris 7 server systems are backed up each night to
> their own tape deck. This is a full backup. However, we have some
> development systems and other boxes around, like my RedHat linux PC,
> which we would like to be able to backup when necessary or perhaps from a
> schedule. None of these systems have a tape deck. So, we would like to do
> remote backups, but don't particularly want to go down the road of using
> the 'r' commands or other security issues such as .rhosts files, etc. In
> that respect using ufsdump specifying a remote tape deck is not really
> wanted. Ideally we would want (I think) a client/server system a bit like
> amanda, but in itself that seems a little over the top just for some
> secure occassional backups - hence why I said 'lightweight'. I also think
> amanda uses rsh/.rhosts? I haven't looked a ssh for this, would that be
> the best way to go? Any other ideas?

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