SUMMARY upgrade from 2.5.1 to 2.6 - problems with qfe

From: benedetto lo giudice (
Date: Mon Mar 13 2000 - 03:50:15 CST

Fellow admins,

here is the summary.

Thanks to all those who replied.

First of all the machine was a 4500 and the upgrade was to 2.6 5/98

Unfortunately what really happened is trivial: over some 50 machines
this was the only one missing the qfe card!!!!

A little bit of background:
there was a Sun engineer, a local sysadmin and I as sysengineer for an
external provider.

The SUN engineer insisted that the qfe was there before the upgrade
and the local sysadmin (the one supposed to know the systems) agreed.

I pointed out that at the ok prompt the ls of each istance of sbus did
not show any qfe card, and that prtconf did not show any qfe, but
there was the assumption that the card was there....

Finally Sun France (called by the local sysadmin) asked to go and
check the sbus on which the qfe was connected and BINGO, there is no
qfe card..

Sorry if I abused of your time for such a silly thing.

Following the emails I received.

With reference to some emails: it is also specified in sun docs, the
qfe drivers to be used are the ones bundled with 2.6 5/98.

>From Infodoc 17416

" Beginning with the Solaris 2.6 Hardware: 5/98 release, the Sun Quad
  FastEthernet driver is bundled with the Solaris operating
  This version of the Sun Quad FastEthernet driver is more current
than the
  one shipped on the Sun Quad FastEthernet 2.1 CD-ROM. "
Ciao a tutti
Benedetto Lo Giudice

Do you need to an ifconfig plumb command to see them again?
I assume you plumbed them?
(Not trying to be insulting, I've seen people forget to plumb their
N S Jayashankar <>
Dear Sir
Have u plumbed qfe interface and seen
ifconfig -a plumb ?
David Evans <>
For network interfaces you need to be at the command line and issue
ifconfig plumb
I'll leave the reast of the ifconfig man page for you to read. Its
a small trap that a rebuild doesn't change the network interfaces
at boot time. It builds the devices for them but thats all.
"Delaney, Ray (FUSA)" <>
Reload the Drivers for the quad card from the CD that came with the
"Marco Breedeveld" <>
/usr/platform/<platform>/sbin/prtdiag (-v) | grep qfe
Do you see anything ? If so, at least the boards are recognized in the
if sysdef |grep hme gives any output, at least it recognizes the
Can you remove the /dev/qfe and reboot -r. Does it create new devices
? Which version of Fast Ethernetboard have you loaded, etc.etc.
(pkginfo|grep -i hme (qfe)
Oscar Goosens <>
You say 2.5 5/98, I assume it is typo, in fact you probably mean 2.6.
long time ago i upgraded, but I remember that the 2.6 5/98 cd-rom does
contain the qfe driver. I installed it seperately.
Hope this helps
Oscar Goosens
Unix Administrator

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