SUMMARY: Veritas Cluster Server

From: Alex Gorbachev (
Date: Sat Mar 11 2000 - 09:24:01 CST

The consensus is that FirstWatch is indeed getting discontinued,
desupported and completely replaced with VCS. I have received one positive
response about VCS being "far better" than FirstWatch. I have not received
a lot of details on VCS. If anyone has any specifics, especially concerning
fibre channel storage, please mail and I'll re-summary.

Thanks to all who replied:

From: "Lee Trujillo" <>

Yes this is true, we've had to have our current Pro Services engineer
who was certified with FirstWatch get certified for VCS. We are
currently using it in our production facility.

In talking to the Engineer, he says to use VCS, it is far better.

From: "Mark Sherman" <>

i just finished a vcs class @ veritas, and the instructor said just the
opposite - he didn't
see fw disappearing anytime soon.

From: "Seth Rothenberg" <>

We use firstwatch, and we are getting a new configuration soon...

From: "Rasana Atreya" <>

You might get more info at Veritas' mailing lists. Check out:

From: "Bernstein, Zmira" <>

It seems that FirstWatch is now a subset of Cluster Server.

Original message:

>Hello, I heard that Veritas is discontinuing FirstWatch sales and support
>and replacing it with Cluster Server product. Does anyone have any
>experience with CS vs. FirstWatch and Solstice?
>Many thanks,
>Alex Gorbachev

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