SUMMARY:tip connection to ultra 5

From: sreejith kumar (
Date: Fri Mar 10 2000 - 12:01:30 CST

Connecting ttya to the faulty system worked.
Some suggested removing the keyboard from the
faulty system. It worked with and without the keyboard

Thanks to

My original post follows.

We have a ultra 5 workstation which is giving no display.
I enabled POST thru' STOP+D and then connected
serial A of a nearby workstation to serial B of the
faulty workstation and issued the command

tip hardwire.

It responded with connected, but i am unable to see any
POST messages on the terminal when i power on the faulty
workstation. I tested the serial connection by logging onto
the faulty workstation from the other machine over lan and
then did a

cat <file name> > /dev/ttyb
I got the file displayed on the tip terminal.

Any ideas ? I will summarise.


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