SUMMARY: sunISDN 1.0.4 and chat scripts

From: Stephen Harris (
Date: Thu Mar 09 2000 - 19:12:32 CST

Original question below, but basically I needed to make a Sparc 10 handle
ISDN connections to systems requiring a chat script.

Summary so far: <bzzzt> out of luck!

There appears to be no way of making SunISDN do chat script connections,
and there appears to be no way of letting the normal ppp packets talk over
the ISDN link. Here an external TA would be better!

Alternative OS's... Linux 2.3.x kernels appear to have alpha support for
the Sparc 10 ISDN interface. In particular they provide "modem" and "faxmodem"
command interfaces to allow a normal pppd package to talk to them (and also
to send/rcv class 2 faxes!). However there are compilation problems with this
kernel (2.3 is "development") on 32bit machines... BSD versions don't seem to
support the inbuilt ISDN interface.

Conclusion: I promised too much to my boss. Gagh :-( But Linux may be a
way to go.

> I've told my boss that I can make an old Sparc 10 (with inbuilt ISDN)
> connect to our dialup providers network. I've installed sunISDN 1.0.4 and
> verified that it can dial the number. I've successfully made it connect to
> a Cisco with CHAP.
> However, our provider uses PAP with a three question/response sequence
> before PPP negotiation starts. The sunISDN documentation doesn't show
> any examples like this, the isdntool program doesn't display the option,
> and the cf files don't seem to have it either.
> Am I stuck? In which case, could anyone recommend an alternative OS on
> the Sparc 10 that can use the ISDN link?


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