SUMMARY: slow ftp transfer times in 1 direction

From: Bill Hunter (
Date: Thu Mar 09 2000 - 15:01:01 CST

Hello, The concensus of opinion on my file transfer problem was a
full/half duplex negotiation problem. Looking at the two ports on
Cisco switch we saw that host A was 100Mbit/half duplex. Forcing
it at the switch to full duplex fixed the problem.

I will be implementing via "set" statements in /etc/system:

set hme:hme_adv_autoneg_cap=0
set hme:hme_adv_100fdx_cap=1
set hme:hme_adv_100hdx_cap=0
set hme:hme_adv_10fdx_cap=0
set hme:hme_adv_10hdx_cap=0

the turning off of auto-negotiation and forcing the guys to 100Mbit
and full duplex.

Thanks to all who responded to my query.

Regards, Bill H. The U. of Alabama

My original post:
>I've got an u/4000 (host A) and an u/6000 (host B) attached to a
>Cisco 2948G switch. Both systems are running Solaris 2.6 with
>kernel patch 105181-17. Host A is running an Oracle application
>(our library "card catalog" system) while Host B is available for
>email, web pages and general academic computing for all
>students, faculty and staff.
>Host A is running the Solaris ftp daemon (patchlevel 106301-01)
>while Host B is running WU-ftpd 2.6.0(1). The problem I noticed
>involved transferring a 72Mb tar file from Host B to Host A.
>What I see is that when the file moves from B->A it takes about
>3800 seconds (getting or putting depending on where I issue the
>command) while transferring it from A-> b takes about 15 seconds
>(note the 3800 vs. 15 seconds is not a typo).
>I've also got an ultra/1 and ultra/5 that are NOT on the same Cisco
>switch as A or B. Ftp'ing the same file to or from A or B and
>of these 2 hosts takes between 70-90 seconds. I can justify this
>slightly slower time by the fact that the u/1 and u/5 have only a
>10Mb pipe to A or B while A and B have a 100Mb pipe between
>Any explanations for the slow transfer time and ways to correct it
>would be appreciated...
>Thanks, Bill Hunter (
>The U. of Alabama

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