Summary: Suspect Viking ModuleLevel 15 Interrupt

From: Toby A. Rider (
Date: Wed Mar 08 2000 - 20:30:28 CST

Thank you to the following and many others for responses on this

Will Lowe
Adrian Saidac

My original question was:

"Toby A. Rider" wrote:
> I'm booting a Sparc 10 I just put together with 128megs of RAM and two
> 50mhz mbus modules that I just purchased used. I'm booting to a serial
> terminal. Does anyone know what this error means:
> <<< CPU_0000000 on Mbus Slot_0000000 >>>
> ERROR: Address = 0001010c,
> exp= 0000aaaa, obs= 0000aaab, xor = 0000001
> U-NUMBER : Suspect Viking ModuleLevel 15 Interrupt
> Type help for more information
> (#0) ok
> I'm getting this error with both mbus modules, could it be that
> the cache on both of the mbus modules hosed? Searching the archives I
> couldn't find any messages about similiar errors. Thanks in advance!
> Toby A. Rider

        The culprit was a bad mbus module. After making sure the jumpers were
set correctly on the motherboard and double checking my prom level, I
pulled all the RAM from the machine except for one stick and tried each
mbus module individually. One of them booted up fine, the other one kept
giving the above error. Just to make sure it was the mbus module, I took
down one of my functional Sparc 10's and swapped it's mbus module with
the one in question. Sure enough it wouldn't boot either. Thanks again
for all the help sent to me!

Toby A. Rider

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