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Date: Wed Mar 08 2000 - 15:42:07 CST

Here is my inquiry:

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Hello Sun-Managers,

we have a SparcCenter 2000 that is running 2.4 happily.. We need
to upgrade to either Sol 7 or 8 for binary compatibility and thread
issues. Not to mention security.

Would I need a ROM update? How and where would I get it? The system
is fully populated with boards, do I need to update the Prom on
each board? Could somebody with similar experience comment on these
issues please?

Thnks to:
Buddy Lumpkin
Casper Dik
Adrian Stovall

I installed Sol 7 on the SparcCenter 2000, and it works quite nicely.
Did not need any ROM upgrades, which would cost around $750 for the
ten boards in this beast. Casper Dik says that an update is only
needed for Y2K compliance, which we are not really worried about.

Adrian says:
The latest PROM rev. for the SS 1000/2000 is -16.

Buddy says:
How and where would I get it? Sun Express or Base 2 Technologies

and Casper says:
Solaris never required PROM updates (only flash PROMs for 64 bit Solaris)

thanks again,
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