SUMMARY: Attaching a multipack to two hosts (conclusion)

From: Vahid Moghaddasi (
Date: Wed Mar 08 2000 - 09:33:20 CST

Hi everyone,

This is for those of you who asked me to post the conclusion to
this problem.
The following is what has worked for me, there might be other
solutions to This problem.
Since I just wanted to change the scsi-initiator-id on ALL of
my scsi card in my system, therefore a simple
"eeprom scsi-initiator-id=4" did what I wanted to do. If you
want to change the id per card basis, you would have to create
/kernel/drv/isp.conf file and add some entry in it, man isp (7D)
has all the information you need.
Thanks to all who helped.

Vahid Moghaddasi

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