SUMMARY:Booting a Cray 6400 in single user mode thru..hostview... ???

From: German, Vinnie (
Date: Wed Mar 08 2000 - 09:27:22 CST

Special thanks to:

Paul Teasdel
The Wizard from Earthlink
Vince Taluskie
Val Popa from Xerox
Joel Lee from Avnet

Here is the command which I endup using to bring my machine into single user

                bringup -C on -s

Some how the machine losts its i.p address and that explain why it will not
go into
multiuser mode so once I was able to log into machine as single user I just
the port and Bingo!!! everything was fine.

You were all very helpful.

Thanks again,


I have a Cray machine which I need to bring up into single user mode. This
machine is offsite
and I'm using a utility call "hostview" to connect it. I know how to power
it off/on. My problem is
that this machine is going into multi user by default when it boots up and
right now is having
some network problem and I can not have access to it. Here is my question.

How can I bring this machine into single user mode using the command
"bringup" which is part of the "hostview" utility. Right now I'm trying to
connect to the machine using the following command:

        bringup -C on

which is trying to bring the machine into multi-user mode. I need to bring
it into single
user mode so that I could get a login prompt and take it from there.

Your comments will be very appreciated.


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