SUMMARY: problem with /var/log/syslog

From: Daniil (
Date: Tue Mar 07 2000 - 13:04:58 CST

Dear sun-managers,
Thank to all who replied. Problem is at /etc/hosts name loghost
I remove loghost. :)

"Joshua Bennett" <>
blg> Who is loghost?
blg> Ping -s loghost
blg> cat /etc/hosts|grep -i loghost ?
blg> benedetto

ELHA> now in the /etc/hosts file what do you have for loghost?
ELHA> ALSO make note of what service and level that ipop is supposed to log the
ELHA> messages at. I am willing to bet that if it was working before you changed
ELHA> everything that it may be related to who is identified as the loghost. Also
ELHA> I am going to guess that you rebooted after you re-iped the system.

ELHA> See below....
ELHA> (in your text I have added some comments)

ELHA> I hope this helps.
Sbrc> You can run syslog in debug mode to see what might be wrong. And I can't tell
Sbrc> from your note, but what frequently happens to me is that I forget that the
Sbrc> whitespace between the facility codes and the log file must be TABS not SPACES.
Sbrc> If that is not the problem, then use the debug mode of syslog.

Best regards,
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