From: Terry Franklin (
Date: Tue Mar 07 2000 - 12:40:52 CST

Thanks to all who answered -- using tcopy to verify the block size helped.
What helped more was the realization that despite the insistance of the
provider of the tape that it was a cpio archive, it was in fact a tar
archive with a blocking factor of 2048. so tar xvfb /dev/rmt/0 2048 ended up
working nicely.

tcopy /dev/rmt/0 turned out to be the most useful of the replies as a quick
way to find out the blocking factor.

Thanks to:

Ester Muller
Frank Deno
Arthur Dunham
Colin Melville
Roger Leonard
Michael Salehi
Stefan Voss (who provided the tcopy info)
Betrand Hutin

Sorry if I left you off the "gratitude" list. Now to have a word with Mr.
"I'm positive it's cpio"

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