[SUMMARY]: Power button on keyboard

From: Z.K. Zachariah (zac@agorics.com)
Date: Tue Mar 07 2000 - 11:55:07 CST

Thank you for your mails:
Craig Mertens
Ofer Licht
Roger Fuji
Casper Dik
Rene Occelli
John Malick
Benedetto lo giudice
Seth Rothenberg
Graff Tracy

As Casper pointed out the key pops up a window prompting a further action
from the user. But the agonising fact about the position of the button is
that it is in line with the <enter> button on the numeric key pad! I was
not surprised to find that there were a few respondents who were in a
similar plight like me. The saving grace is that there is a way to disable
it thanks to you all, I need not hang my head in shame any longer:-)

1. Edit the file /usr/openwin/lib/speckeysd.map and comment the line
      SunPowerSwitch - $OPENWINHOME/bin/sys-suspend
2. Either logout and login again OR kill the process speckeysd and restart
it again


My original post:

> There is a power button on the sun keyboard that has been a cause of
> much embarassment to me. I don't know why it is so positioned on the
> keyboard (the top right corner). Everytime I stretch my hand across to
> grab my mouse , an accidental tap or a brush on the key suspends and in
> some case even shuts down the server. This has happened twice. How can
> such a sensitive switch be placed in such a sensitive spot? Can some one
> save me further embarassment and suggest a way to disable this button
> other than prying it out of the keyboard? I suspect it has something to
> do with the power management utilities installed on the system. If so,
> is there a way to disable this key without removing the power management
> utilities?

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