SUMMARY: RE: fitting D1000s into your own racks

From: Adam and Christine Levin (
Date: Tue Mar 07 2000 - 11:06:00 CST

Someone from the list gently reminded me that I neglected to send a
summary. I apologize.

The original question had to do with buying our own 19" racks and fitting
D1000 arrays into them.

Here's the deal: the D1000 comes with a rack mount shelf that has ears on
the front. This alone is *not* strong enough to mount the D1000. It also
comes with two rack rails, meant to be used in a Sun storage cabinet. The
racks we bought have adjustable vertical rails, so we could move them to
line up with the holes in the D1000 rails. However, the D1000 rails, when
mounted in our cabinet, were 18.75" wide. The shelf with the D1000 is 19"
wide, so it did not fit. We ended up removing the D1000 shelf, buying 19"
shelves made for our rack, and just placing the D1000 on the third party
rack shelves. We could have left the D1000 in its shelf, so that at least
we could screw the ears to the rack rails, but the third party shelf is
actually holding the weight of the D1000.

Thanks to all who replied.


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