SUMMARY(Late) :Load factor Calculations

Date: Tue Mar 07 2000 - 04:31:27 CST

Hi All,

Thanx to all who replied.The list is too long to be mentioned.
Most of the answers I received pointed out that the load on a machine is
the avarge no. of jobs in the run queue.

Thanx again to all who replied.

Rajan Bhasin
Systems Engineer
Hughes Software System

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Rajan Bhasin
01/03/2000 17:02


Subject: Load factor Calculations

Hi All,

Have you got an idea how the load average on a sun system is calculated.
i.e. what is the formula that is used to calculate the load average on the Sun
I think that this calculation must be based on the disk I/O , CPU and memory
Can anyone put some light on this.

I will summarise

Thanx in advace

Rajan Bhasin
Systems Engineer
Hughes Software Systems

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