SUMMARY: Loopback File System

From: Seth Rothenberg (
Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 16:00:00 CST

Thanks to Alexander Bezroutchko <>, who wrote...
>>>Lofs has been working for 1 year in our production systems without any problem.
>>>But read lofs(7FS) carefully, esp. WARNING and BUGS section -- read-only mounted
>>>lofs behaves not obviously.

We have now installed 4 lofs' on our test system, and we'll probably run that way
until our new machines arrive in the 2nd Quarter '00.

Original Question...
>>> "Seth Rothenberg" <> 03/03/00 09:48AM >>>
>>>Does anyone have experience with Loopback File Systems?
>>>It appears that it can easily solve my current problem, and
>>>I have not yet found information indicating whether there are any drawbacks.

>>>My thought is to do the following:
>>>Make ~datagate1 = /dg/datagate1 ~datagate2 = /dg/datagate2
>>>mount -o lofs /dg/dghome/log/datagate1 /dg/datagate1/log
>>>mount -o lofs /dg/dghome/log/datagate2 /dg/datagate2/log
>>>mount -o lofs /dg/dghome/queue/datagate1 /dg/datagate1/queue
>>>mount -o lofs /dg/dghome/queue/datagate2 /dg/datagate2/queue

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